Another League of Legends match will begin...

...who is that random summoner on your team?
...what is the tier of the rival team?
...which runes have they picked?

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With Status App you are able to explore the profile of any summoner on League of Legends, as the live matches and week rotation.

Enough with 'alt+tab' on the loading screen and web queries... ;-)

How to use

Summoner Profile

Enter the name of any summoner of the registered region and find information as: Level, tier, statistics on ranked & normal games, as the summary of the last 10 matches.

Match in Progress

Check out in progress matches information with a summary of each player, obtain: Tier, mastery, spells, champ mastery and runes. It is practical to consult your own summoner to see the rest.

Free Week

Never miss the free week, with one click, check what are the champions of the weekly rotation.

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